Aunt Sarah’s Visit and Pumpkin City

Right before Halloween, Aunt Sarah flew over to hang out with us for a few days. She saw firsthand how spooky life with our family could really be!


We visited the pastoral (situated in a mall parking lot right by the freeway) Pumpkin City pumpkin patch and attempted to recreate Sarah’s classic photo from the same place three years ago:


Sarah’s still working on pics from her camera, but here’s my cell phone version… Samantha and Amelia switched places!



Teaching Meredith the finer points of tractor steering.

img_0958   img_0959



No pumpkin patch trio picture this year. The twins were either hiding behind pumpkins or inadvertently knocking Meredith over, much to her chagrin.

img_0982 img_0972  img_0966

Jeckyll and Hyde 2013:

img_5134cimg_0975 img_0980 img_0979

Samantha, Amelia and Meredith. Sometimes, I wonder what life would be like if they were triplets. Never mind. Let’s not go there.


We let the girls choose two rides, and they quickly regretted selecting the teacups. They looked like they were either going to throw up or cry the entire ride.


Meredith loved having Aunt Sarah around for a playmate, especially when the twins were at preschool.


At the end of October, Meredith could rock on all fours and was taking one or two crawls forward, but still hadn’t mastered the whole crawling thing. Her frustration levels had reached epic proportions.

img_1013 img_1012

The girls drive me nuts with board games because they refuse to follow any actual rules. Here they are teaching Aunt Sarah their version of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel (i.e. spin the spinner and throw any number of acorns on the board for no apparent reason).


I’m just an innocent bystander.


Aunt Sarah came with us to Treasure Island beach, where the twins searched for sea creatures and pretended to be mermaids.


Come play with us again soon, Aunt Sarah!


Lots of love,


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