Forced Labor (Grace & Zen Showcase)

The twins may not be performing on Broadway any time soon as they were less than enthused about performing in the showcase for their dance and yoga class. Their regular class includes ballet, yoga, relaxation time with quiet music and lavender sachets over their eyes (ha!) and “mindful” coloring at the end (pictures like a mandala with “peace begins with me” underneath). Miss Nikki is really fun and the whole class is relaxed, as was their recital, which we appreciated! They normally are excited about their class and at least look like they are having fun, but watching the girls for the recital was hilarious as they put the most minimal effort possible into each move and looked like they were performing under duress the entire time!

Samantha and Amelia look so much older than the other kids in their class, but it’s just because they are tall!

Before the showcase, the girls agreed on a pact to look bored and put in the least effort possible.

Downward dog– they love practicing this one at home.

Frog pose!

Yoga time!

Is it over yet?

Bravo, sisters!

All that effort for a cookie…

Lots of love,


Meredith’s First Hair Cut

With her signature “Pebbles” hair-do growing so long it was covering her eyes, Meredith had been long overdue for her first hair cut for months.


Likewise, the twins’ hair was getting so long and unwieldy that it was becoming impossible to do anything with it that looked remotely cute. Something as easy as pigtails made them look pretty forlorn with their hair so ragged and I was cringing sending them to preschool looking like ragamuffins! With time in short supply, we finally squeezed all three in for a trim at the kid’s salon next to the girls’ dance class right after they were done one Saturday.

You woke me up from my  nap for THIS???

Not cool, guys. Not cool.

You could have done this at home, mom.

Meredith didn’t quite know what to think of the whole experience at first, but by the time we got home, she was happy to show off her clean new cut. Within the past few weeks, it has grown rounded at the edges and looks like a cute bob!

Meredith’s first cut at 16 months old.

Amelia and Samantha’s first hair cut at 15 months was more stressful than Meredith’s since 50% of the pair (Samantha) was melting down on and off.

No tears this time! The girls were antsy during Meredith’s cut until the hair dresser’s kid let them play with a fidget spinner; those things really work!

Lots of love,


Preschool Golf Ball Drop and Life In Between

To end their first year of preschool, the girls participated in their first golf ball drop as part of a fundraiser for their school. Friends and family purchased golf balls in their names and were entered in a raffle to win cash. The night of the fundraiser, a helicopter dropped all the purchased golf balls onto the golf course, and whichever ones were closest to the designated hole, won the cash prizes. We didn’t win, but, as promised, all the kids were amazed with the helicopter and all those balls! Leading up to the golf ball drop, we were all very curious as to how it was all going to work. How did they label all those balls? How close would the helicopter get? What if there was a tie? We were intrigued!

As the suspense built up, Samantha and Amelia had a blast running around the green with Ella and some of their preschool friends (and, subsequently, annoying all the golfers who were so unfortunate to be there that night). They thought it was funny to see their friends in a context outside of school! After the golf ball drop, the school hosted dinner at the golf course and all the kids ran around the green with the dads watching (i.e. they were completely unsupervised). It was a unique and fun way to spend the evening, although trying to have a conversation while keeping Samantha, Amelia and Ella away from the fire pits after they finished their dinner in only two minutes, on top of keeping an overtired Meredith at bay, was not exactly relaxing.

SO excited.

Everyone cheered as the helicopter hovered, golf balls rained down from the sky and then bounced all over the place, like little ping pong balls.

Run, kids, run!

And the winner is… Gabriel’s mom from Amelia’s class!

I wish I could get the girls to clean up this fast at home. When asked to pick up all the golf balls, the kids didn’t hesitate!

Meredith thought she could run away with a little souvenir.

In between preschool days, we alternate between playing, biking and scootering at the local parks, going to to the library, hanging out at the local pools and splash pads, and feeding the geese at the lake. Meredith is in the dreaded stage between one and two naps, but the majority of the time, she still really needs that morning nap, so we only have about an hour and a half or so to get out in the morning after she wakes up and before returning home for lunch. It’s a tight schedule, but it’s nice for the twins and I to have some alone time while she’s napping and hang out at home without having to rush off anywhere. The twins are in a golden stage of being capable of spending hours coloring, doing crafts, playing tea party, picnic and school pretty much on their own, with the occasional intervention from me when things start to go south.

Meredith is up; time to hit the lake!

Meredith wanted to keep all the bird seed to herself.

The twins love to live on the edge by climbing on the SECOND closest rocks to the water, after I told them not to climb on the rocks right next to the edge.

On typical Saturdays, either Jake or I take the girls to their yoga/ballet class and then we either all meet up with Meredith, or the twins go with Dad on their own for a quick outing. With our move, they’ve been spending a good amount of time at Home Depot lately and on a supply trip, they stopped in for one of the workshops. The girls constructed a mini tic tac toe game and were proud to display their handiwork when they got home!

Nice hammering skills, Amelia.



We love Sendero park on Sunday afternoons. There are these wavy concrete structures that circle the park and the girls spend the entire time running up and down, pretty much ignoring the actual playground.  I think that’s Amelia in the background attempting to somersault on the concrete. Ouch.

Monkey Amelia.

On any given outing, I usually end up with a stroller full of leaves and bouquets of flowers the girls collect for me. Heaven forbid I don’t put them in a glass of water as soon as I get home… they always notice if I’ve forgotten one of their flowers!

The girls always receive compliments on their bike riding and are really getting the hang of it!

Lots of love,




Summer Fun with Grandpa

Besides our trip down to San Diego for Ben’s graduation, Grandpa hung out with us at home and lent an extra hand babysitting, dog walking, running errands, washing my car, and taking out the trash! We’re sure he needed a vacation after his “vacation” with us!

In between being our extra household help for the week, we took Grandpa to Zoomars in San Juan Capistrano where the girls spent about an hour chasing guinea pigs. The poor little things were sleeping, eating, and hiding under the benches, but were no match for Meredith who squealed in delight chasing them around and dragging them out of their hiding places. Meredith’s second favorite animals were the goats, but we removed her, screaming, after she got a little too violent with them. I’m sure they didn’t appreciate her hitting them, although I think she thought she was treating them exactly the same as she does Bandit.

Lunch at Ellie’s table!

Now I know from where she gets her cheeks!

Grandpa accompanied the twins to one of their swim lessons and was tasked with keeping Meredith out of the pool.

Later, we had a barbecue and pool party with Grandpa.

Three on the crocodile did not end well. 

Epic chicken fight!

Who you looking at?

Painting with Grandpa.

It’s nice not having to worry about walking the dog while Grandpa is here, but Meredith was slightly jealous that he was taking over her normal duties. 

Little Miss Piggy.

After Grandpa returned to Utah, the twins were confused, asking, “Where’s Grandpa?” constantly. When I explained he had to go back to Utah, they sighed with understanding, knowing how far it is since they are old enough to remember trips there. As they always say, “That’s a long journey!”

Lots of love,