Park City and the Alpine Slide

We LOVE Park City Mountain Resort, especially when we don’t have to deal with snow! It was the perfect day for us to get our fall colors fix as we drove up the canyon and met Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike and their dog, Roger, in the mountains for a day in Park City. We were dressed for cold weather and left Meredith behind with Grammy, thinking it would be chilly, but in hindsight, she would have had a great time in the fresh mountain air and being entertained by all the twins’ adventures. Sorry, Meredith– next time!

We rode up the chair lift, which was slightly terrifying holding onto these two– I kept imagining them slipping through the bars.

img_5324 img_0546 img_0527

Beautiful golden Aspens.


We watched others go down the Alpine Slide on our way up.


A walk in the woods with our sleds.

img_0553 img_0556

Amelia was having a meltdown over riding with Daddy; fortunately, Samantha was happy to be with me and didn’t fight her for the coveted ride with Jake.



Fun times hanging out with Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah.


The twins were just barely tall enough to go down the Alpine Coaster, which was way more of an adrenaline rush than the Slide, I must say. Being total thrill junkies, the twins loved every minute of it. I don’t think Jake used the hand brake at all, so Amelia definitely got the more exhilarating ride, while Samantha and I took the fun, but cautious route (i.e. someone else was riding my tail the entire time because I was going too slow).

img_0580 img_0581

It was hilarious watching these two bounce on the bungee jumper. Amelia was totally content going up and down, while Samantha experimented with flips.


We couldn’t escape without doing the zipline.


Future mountaineers on the ropes course.

img_5307 img_5306 img_5305 img_5302 img_5298 img_5297

When we are having a great time, it’s hard to quit when we’re ahead, which is definitely what we should have done this particular day. Having skipped their nap to do more activities, the twins were in full on hangry/tired/sunburned/altitude sickness mode and we dragged them, screaming, out of the serene mountains and into the car.

At one point, Amelia was sobbing incoherently that she wanted a drink, and when I offered her my water bottle, she screamed, “NO! I WANT SPARKLING WATERRRRRRRRR!”

We don’t usually drink sparkling water no less have it on hand, so I have no idea where that outburst came from.  You could tell from the looks of people passing by that they must have thought we were horrible parents for raising such spoiled children. Sigh.

On the otherwise gorgeous ride home, Samantha and Amelia went from overtired and cranky to wild and silly, and only slept the last 10 minutes of the ride. All Jake and I wanted was to enjoy a nice, QUIET ride through the mountains… argh! I would like to remind my future self to always call it quits when you’re ahead.

Back at home, Meredith had a grand time building a new fire pit in the backyard with Uncle Mike, Ali and Grammy.


Can’t believe you guys left me behind!


Barbecue picnic dinner and then straight off for an early bedtime for these ladies.


If only I could predict precisely the minute we would need to wrap it up in order to preserve a good outing!

Lots of love,


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