Slip n Slide in Utah

One of the girls’ favorite parts of our Utah trip was afternoons spent attempting to master the quintessential plastic emblem of summer childhoods: the slip n slide!

I swear, the slip n slide we had growing up was bright yellow, thirty-feet long, and required you to pound at least 59 metal stakes in the ground to hold the slide to the grass (which took forever and invariably came loose). You then had to project your launch exactly down the middle with Olympic ski jumper-like precision, for fear of hitting the sides and stubbing your hands or torso on the metal. Ah, the dangers of the 90s. Th 2016 version seemed tame by comparison!

PicMonkey Collage

Most days, the girls didn’t even bother putting on swimsuits.


Not quite sure how to use gravity to her advantage at first.


The funniest slip n slide fail you ever did see (SPOILER: Sammy gets the hang of it at the end). I keep this hearted on my phone so I can watch in any time I need a good laugh.

A push and Sammy was off.





Amelia was a tad more timid on the slide, but still had fun.  IMG_1507 (1)

Lazy moments in the grass afterwards.

IMG_1523 IMG_1532

Amelia loved smelling the grass and rolling over in it, just like Bandit!

IMG_1529  IMG_1524

Meredith was jealous she wasn’t allowed to try out the slide and sat with Grandma on the deck.


I guess tasting my giraffe will have to do for now.


I don’t know who had more fun… the girls, or us watching them!

Lots of love,


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