A Week with Grammy Poppins

Last week, all of us got a special treat in the form of Mary Poppins (a.k.a. Grammy) coming from Utah to stay for a week. Can you say peace and quiet time? Leaving to run an errand (or just sit in the car in silence for five minutes) in the middle of the day? Last minute weeknight dates? Not drowning in laundry?   All this and more. Vacation time!

Meredith enjoyed being held  24/7 and is now having withdrawals ever since Grammy left.


Hanging out with Grammy and wishing she could eat that parfait at Great Auntie Lynn’s.



While Grammy was here, Jake was in Virginia for a few days for his little brother’s law school graduation from the University of Virginia. Four out of six of the brothers are now lawyers… eek!

I definitely want to tag along next time; we hope to do an American history tour with the girls soon.

Jake with a few of his siblings visiting Monticello during their stay… I was jealous!

IMG_2894 13267839_1011755422239867_4911126508355576250_n

Meanwhile, back at home, Grammy and I were holding down the fort. The twins enjoyed scootering at the park and a morning at the zoo, while I hung out with Meredith, who was wondering where her entertainment for the day had gone.

IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0117 IMG_0111 IMG_0118

Grammy took the twins to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point one morning where they touched starfish (NOT the one whose leg was about to fall off, Sammy informed me), read stories and did some crafts by the sea.




IMG_0120 IMG_0122 (1) 2

IMG_0089 IMG_0088

It was a nice girls weekend while Jake was gone, but my mom and I were grateful to have the extra help, especially at bedtime, when he got back. The dinner-bedtime stretch is just one of those crazy/horrible times where everything seems to converge all at once, and we were tired! Good thing we could look forward to our nightly ice cream and vegging out to watch the entire Dr. Thorne miniseries (by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame). Ultimately, my mom and I determined it was lacking the kind of moral dilemmas and sophisticated plots of some of the other BBC productions, but it was still entertaining after being braindead from a day talking about “corn poop,” among other enlightening subjects, with the three amigas.

As soon as Jake arrived home, my mom and I escaped for a facial and massage while he took over. Surprisingly, the twins didn’t mention him at all while he was gone, but as soon as he got home, it was, “Daaaaaaadddddyyyyyy!” in ultra-whiny voices all day long.

During the week, we met up with Great Grandpa, Great Auntie Lynn, and Great Uncle Steve for a quick dinner and ferris wheel ride.


Great Uncle Steve is always a kid at heart!IMG_0004 IMG_2916

Up, up and away.

IMG_2919 IMG_2920

More Grammy cuddles for Meredith.


Jake and I snuck away a few times for our favorite coconut ice cream and acai bowls at Bowl of Heaven, a walk around the lake, and dinner with friends on Friday night. IMG_4946

I switched off with my mom for a few days, taking the twins to a birthday party, a play date with their friend, Grace, at the park, and to their swim, gymnastics and music classes. It was refreshing just being with the firstborns for a change… I can’t even remember what it was like to just have the twins! Samantha and Amelia enjoyed their two-on-one time sans Meredith too.

IMG_0043 IMG_0018 IMG_0016

Meredith on a nice walk with Grammy and Bandit while we were out playing.


Meredith’s favorite time of the day. She reminds me of one of those little frog or crocodile toys you wind up and watch their legs spin around in the water. She loves to kick and scoot around!


Meredith had her 4 month doctor’s appointment (I’ll save her stats for another post, but let’s just say she’s basically an eight month old!) and the twins had to come too to get some of their three year old shots. I was dreading having all three girls get shots at the same time, but the twins didn’t cry at all (they just looked scared for a minute), and Meredith let out a few piercing shrieks before calming down and conking out.


Loving the attention!


After staying up late watching Frozen the night before while Jake and I went out, the twins were in full-on tantrum mode Saturday morning, with Samantha rolling on the floor kicking and screaming at one point. As soon as she woke up more rested from a nap and realized Grammy had left back to Utah, the first thing out of Samantha’s mouth was, “Is Grammy missing me?”

It’s a good thing Grammy is a saint, because she probably was, even after all the craziness of that morning and the week!

Next time we see Grammy, it will be on our first road trip to Utah with Meredith. The girls are already counting down the days.


It’s my first day back on the job solo, and let’s just say that until our trip, all of us will be going through Grammy withdrawals!

Lots of love,


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  1. Shaina White says:

    Grandmas are THE BEST!!!!!!! And your girls are absolutely gorgeous. The twins’ hair is getting long–I love their curls! Little Miss Meredith is such a darling little chunk–reminds me of Rose, who had five rolls on each arm, hahaha. I love all of your pictures–you are a true kindred spirit when it comes to taking a plethora of pictures.

    • Rebecca Whitehead says:

      Thanks! From what I’ve read, Rose reminds me of the twins, personality-wise as well… stubborn but full of life!

  2. Shaina White says:

    PS–when I was at SVU in Virginia, we were about an hour from Monticello. It was pretty cool. Virginia is awesome. I highly recommend it (minus the humidity, ha). It’s been nearly ten years since I was there and I can’t believe that we didn’t SEE MORE while we were there! College was so busy that we didn’t have much time for sightseeing, sadly. We too are planning a cross country trip with the kids in the next few years to show them our ROOTS! 🙂

    • Rebecca Whitehead says:

      I will be looking forward to seeing how you did your cross country trip someday so that I can copy it! Would love to do that, but am slightly terrified at the prospect of doing it with littles!