Grandma Celestia’s Visit

Grandma Celestia hasn’t traveled to California from Utah since the twins were born due to health issues, so while we see her whenever we are in her neck of the woods, it was fun for the girls to hang out with her in their own turf for a weekend.

Amelia & Samantha showed Grandma Celestia all of their favorite spots and activities, including how to have a proper beach picnic.


Celestia has written and published several fiction and non-fiction books about her family as well as her own childhood growing up on the Alaskan frontier. She’s always full of fascinating stories and the girls had a great time hearing about Daddy as a little kid.



Getting artistic.



The last time Grandma Celestia was in town…


I miss that double baby stroller!


Singing and swinging the girls in the hammock in the garage.


In addition to all her help with the twins on Meredith’s blessing day, it was great having her around to help with Meredith. I gave her the choice of coming to gymnastics and music class with us that week or cuddling baby Meredith at home, and she understandably chose snuggle time with Meredith! Who wouldn’t? It was fun having just the twins again for a little bit and the girls seemed to enjoy being back in our old routine too.


Meredith’s one-on-one time.


I commissioned Celestia to paint a little dandelion/butterfly- themed mural in Meredith’s room. She made it all look like a piece of cake, even though painting at that angle for long periods of time is no easy task.


Painting the twins’ room last time.



Turned out so cute!


On the last day she was here, Celestia finished up the mural and took the twins to the park, looking very tired when she got back…

We hope we didn’t tire her out too much and that she’ll be able to visit again soon!

Lots of love,


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