Hospital Day Two

Day two of our hospital stay was happy yet exhausting… it’s impossible to get any rest with nurses, doctors, and who knows who else in and out all day. Apparently, word of the labor and the horrific tearing had gotten around because nurses who weren’t even assigned to me came in to tell me they had heard about last night! It was funny getting random hugs and pats on the back!

Our new nurse on shift, April, was very sympathetic and I definitely felt pampered by her. She entertained us telling stories about the birth of her four kids– one of whom was born in the car because her labor was so fast she didn’t make it to the hospital. That sure made me feel a lot better about my own birth experience!

When Dr. Price came to see me that morning, all she could say was, “OMG! Dr. Lam told me everything!” as she gave me a huge hug. I was pretty sore that morning, but once my OB removed the padding that Dr. Lam had carefully placed inside to reduce the swelling, I felt much better and was able to take a shower, get dressed and walk the halls.

It felt fantastic getting out of that uncomfortable hospital bed, although my right leg still felt pretty numb and I needed assistance at first. Not sure how my right leg was STILL numb, while the rest of the epidural on that side hadn’t done a thing (angry face)! However, while walking was uncomfortable, I was already feeling light years better than I had the morning after my C-section, so I ultimately felt like it had been worth it.

That morning, the NICU doctor came to check on Meredith and said it looked like she was doing great, except they would continue to monitor her blood sugar levels, which meant more poking those poor little feet. In addition to that little annoyance, there were so many ladies checking in to labor and delivery, that we had to move rooms from our spacious suite with a view to a smaller room. Good thing I wouldn’t be staying long.

Later that morning, Samantha, Amelia and Grandma came to meet Meredith for the first time. I wasn’t sure if the girls would be nervous or scared to see me at the hospital in bed, but they didn’t bat an eye. Apparently, they had a great time while we were on our hospital “vacation,” and even told Jake when he went home to pick them up that they wanted him to leave so they could play with Grammy more.

Samantha and Amelia came bearing gifts of balloons, flowers and rattles they had picked out for the baby a few weeks ago. They were ecstatic that the baby had a present for them as well– books about being big sisters, a big sister medal, and a stuffed ballerina bunny rabbit. How thoughtful of Meredith– she sure knew the way to the girls’ hearts.

Loving the gift shop:

IMG_0919 (1) IMG_7451


Once I started showing with the pregnancy, the girls asked about the baby constantly and loved rubbing my growing belly and talking to the baby. In their toddler sense of time, it must have seemed like the baby was never coming out! I was so excited for them to finally meet Meredith and watch their faces as they realized I hadn’t been making it all up.

The girls were so cute and gentle with Meredith, although they seemed slightly terrified/confused. It was still such a sweet moment! A few minutes later, they informed us they didn’t want to hold her anymore and moved on to being silly, exploring my room, and playing with their presents from the baby. They grabbed lunch at the hospital cafeteria with Jake and Grandma and then came to hug me goodbye. I missed them, but they seemed to be taking it all in stride, which gave me a lot of peace of mind.


First time torturing little sister:


Grandma meets the new addition.

IMG_4033 IMG_0937 IMG_0925

I thought mommy was joking when she said there was a real baby in there!


The rest of the day was a blur of filling out birth certificate information, getting her shots, and trying to get a minute of sleep in between feeding Meredith. Jake was miraculously able to get some work done and made a court appearance (Court Call) over the phone all while holding Meredith. I wish I could be as good at multi-tasking sometimes!



Having just one this time around was an amazing experience and we both felt so peaceful and bonded with her. It was so opposite from our experience with the twins where everything was about getting feedings and diaper changes done as efficiently as possible. It was pure survival mode last time around, whereas with Meredith, time slowed down and I was able to enjoy those first few days with her so much more. That newborn smell was divine!

Despite sleep deprivation catching up with us by the end of the day, we managed to snap a few pictures. I wanted to remember her newborn-ness forever! Babies don’t keep.



IMG_0622 IMG_0645 x


Little fingers poking out:



We got this!


We looked a lot more tired last time ha! 2013:






Holding on to Daddy’s finger.






Going home (vacation over) to be continued.

Lots of love,


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