Auntie Lynn’s Hanukkah Party 2015

Samantha and Amelia think it’s fun that not only do they celebrate Christmas, but they also get to join in some of the Hanukkah festivities with Cousin Noah. Holiday jackpot!  Every year, their Great Auntie Lynn throws a massive Hanukkah party for friends and family and we always leave with tummies bursting with blintzes, lox, treats and latkes. This year, we didn’t make it for the actual party, but came over after naps when everyone but immediate family had left, which meant we had all the latkes to ourselves.

We heart latkes. So did Baby Girl– I think I ate for more than just two.


Get your eyes off my bagel!


Noah showed the girls his favorite book and made sure they understood that the main character was a “red truck.”


The after party on the patio.


King of the stairs.


Playing Simon Says. Touch Noah’s nose!

IMG_7160 (2)

Samantha in a silly mood.


Burning off all those latkes by chasing Cooper. Or was Cooper chasing them?

IMG_7167 (1) IMG_7166 IMG_7165 (1) IMG_7163 (1)

The girls tried to teach Noah how to play Ring Around the Rosie but he didn’t seem much into girlie games like that!

IMG_7176 (1)

S and A quickly figured out that playing dreidel meant eating chocolate coins.

IMG_7181 IMG_7179

Thanks to Great Auntie Lynn for the party and Cousin Noah for playing. Happy Hanukkah!

Lots of love,



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