2nd Annual Breakfast with Santa at South Coast Plaza

Leading up to the South Coast Breakfast with Santa with the SMOMC (local twins club), Samantha and Amelia were excited to meet Santa for the first time this season and rehearsed what they were going to tell him constantly. Even though they always act excited at home, they tend to get a little stage fright when the big moment arrives.

The most stoic Christmas photo faces ever! Samantha wouldn’t go near Santa, while Amelia tolerated sitting on him for a few seconds. Samantha: SHOOT ME NOW.


Amelia has made vast improvements in her attitude toward Santa since last year, when she sat as far away as possible from Santa on Daddy’s lap and screamed her lungs out.

Our Breakfast with Santa photo 2014:


I never understand why Santa gives the kids the candy cane after the photo instead of before– as a sign of good will. The girls were suddenly very friendly with Santa after they received their treat and shyly whispered what they wanted for Christmas. Amelia said she wanted “cookies” and Samantha told Santa she wanted “pie.” I guess Christmas will be easy this year!


Amelia being silly.




Tummies filled with candy canes, pastries, orange juice, eggs and bacon, the girls were ready to play. We only had to ride the carousel 74 times this year, with me joining for exactly one ride before pleading nausea and having Jake step in. While they whirled around on the carousel, I helped some of my twin mom friends with their kids in line to meet Santa. My friend, Lara’s, twins had the absolute best photo, with both 2 year old Michael and Ellie screaming until their faces were bright red and squirming off Santa.

As always, the best part about any of the twin events was talking to the other moms (especially the one with younger twins) and remembering back to that first year. There were some 3 month old boy twins dressed as elves that were just way too adorable. Seeing them snuggled in their double snap ‘n’ go brought back so many memories!


All the reindeer pretty much looked the same, but Samantha always insisted on picking out a different one each time.


Joy ride!




Crafting time.



Watching the other twins with Santa for a minute.


Little koalas clinging to Jake.


More carousel. Amelia strokes her reindeer pal.




The girls didn’t care for any window shopping this year, unlike last:


Samantha and Amelia asked if they could climb into the sleigh together all by themselves and ride without us. Done.


It melts my heart watching them giggle and hold hands/talk to each other the whole time. It’s those moments that all the hard work of taking care of twins totally pays off. They are definitely best friends!


Merry Twinmas!

Lots of love,



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