Faux Thanksgiving in Utah

Our trip to Utah was short and sweet, but we packed a punch.

We played in the leaves in ten minute increments before we got too cold and had to go inside because we are wimps! Then, it was back out again! Rinse and repeat.










The girls’ favorite game was “Bury Mommy!”


Amelia informed me that I was an ice cream cone and she was putting on all the “toppings.”


Nothing beats a hot apple cider picnic!


We braved the wind chill and visited and fed the horses a few times.



The girls practiced their driving skills in the little cars Grammy picked up for them. We broke up more than one fight over who could drive the coveted red car (even though I still maintain the convertible with a trunk is MUCH cooler).

IMG_3373 IMG_3374 15Thanksgiving1286

One of the best parts about Grammy’s house is digging out all the toys from childhood yore. Bring on the Polly Pockets!



Vintage Lite Brite? YES PLEASE.


Bring on the childhood memories.


Grammy and Aunt Sarah had a girls’ night with Samantha and Amelia while Jake and I went to Kati’s wedding reception. Love this picture Sarah took of the girls right as we were leaving. Amelia was all smiles while Samantha was moody (i.e. screaming). As we walked out the door, we could hear Grammy serenading the girls with a song, while Samantha screamed, relentlessly, “NO! I DON’T WANT THE SONG!”


Sarah sent me this pic later on to reassure me that Samantha eventually calmed down. Daniel Tiger and cereal never fail.



It was so fun to hang out with the beautiful bride, Kati, at her reception and to meet her new husband. David, who coincidentally served in the same Spain mission as Jake. Kati and David live in DC, but hopefully, we’ll be able to make it out there for a history-themed trip with Samantha and Amelia soon. Congrats to the happy newlyweds!

When I was the editor of our high school newspaper, Kati and I used to jam out to ABBA during our late-night deadline sessions at school, so it was only fitting that she had all the ladies come out to dance to “Dancing Queen.” Since no one needed to see a pregnant lady jamming out on the dance floor, I came out for the ladies’ dance, but definitely toned it down a bit.

My other wedding favorites included Kati’s ice cream and sprinkle bar along with catching up with Erica and all the amazing things she’s doing as director of performing arts at her charter school. We need a book club reunion soon, ladies!

kati's wedding

We arrived home from the reception with a good report from Grammy and Aunt Sarah– the girls had fallen fast asleep while Grammy read stories to them. Thanks for the free babysitting!

A few hours before we left for our trip home, we had Faux Thanksgiving, since we wouldn’t be in town on actual Thanksgiving Day. It was nice to have a relaxing dinner and catch up with the Brodeurs, Sarah and Mike, and Mike and Ali, particularly since the girls napped through all but ten minutes of our feast!



Thanks, Sarah, for the yummy food pics, Dad for the turkey and Mom, of course, for the delicious feast! Way too much food, as per the usual. This year we had a stuffing and pie contest, in which the regular pies and stuffings beat out the gluten-free, dairy-free kind. Alas, some recipes are just better left untouched.


Sarah’s Mike brought the very fitting Turkey Butter, which the girls found fascinating.


We woke the girls up from naps so they could enjoy a little bit of Grammy’s Thanksgiving feast before we had to leave to make our flight out. The girls’ favorites were definitely the turkey, sweet potatoes and pie. Lots of pie.


We were so sad to have to eat and run since the best part about Thanksgiving is lounging around after the big meal. The girls were tired for our flight back home and were awesome again on the plane, despite a few hiccups over who got the bigger lollipop. Our arrangement with Amelia and I in the front and Jake and Samantha directly behind us worked out well for the second time.



Bye bye, plane.


Hitching a ride.


The girls fell asleep on the car ride home and awoke the next day, crying that they weren’t at Grammy’s. We can’t win!

Thanks Grammy, Papa, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, other Uncle Mike, and Ali for a Happy Faux Thanksgiving!

Lots of love,


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  1. It was beyond amazing to have you there!! Thank you so much for coming! I’m so glad you joined me for some Dancing Queen! You’re amazing!

    • Rebecca Whitehead says:

      Your wedding was awesome and we are so happy for you guys! It was sooooo great to hang out with you and Erica! Hope you are settling well back in DC!