4th of July 2015

4th of July 2013:


4th of July 2014:


4th of July 2015:


Time flies!

This 4th of July, for the second year in a row, we joined the Wright family and watched the local parade together. It was short and sweet– 20 mins of fire engines, people riding bikes and scooters, a few DIY floats, and lots of kids throwing candy. In short, perfect for the attention spans of Samantha, Amelia, Maliyah and Allie.

Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeee!


Amelia 2013 and 2014:



Samantha enjoyed waving her flag with gusto!


Samantha 2013 and 2014:

IMG_3770IMG_6617 (1)

Proud to be an American.

IMG_6602 IMG_6610

Let’s get this party started!

IMG_6612 (1)   IMG_6617

The All-American Cutie Pies. IMG_6625 IMG_6629IMG_6630

Watching the parade, 2014. Can’t believe we forgot the tattoos this year!


You promised people throwing candy!

IMG_6633 (1)

Amelia was intense about waving to the people throwing candy and then running into the street to grab some before she got trampled by bicycling patriots.



Allie wanted in on the fun!IMG_6644

Samantha was very nonchalant about the whole thing. She somehow bribed Amelia to run out into the street for her and grab candy so that she could sit back in her chair and relax.

IMG_6645 IMG_6648

After the parade, we played at the park with Maliyah and Allie and then we all went home for a nice nap. When the girls woke up, it was time to hit our neighborhood toddler block party, hosted by Amy! Amy and Jim brought out their bbq into the front and we all enjoyed grilling and sharing each other’s side dishes.

Amy had two coolers of water balloons that disappeared in 45 seconds flat.




Splat. IMG_6682

Water table fun. IMG_6657

Ms. Phi brought over Parker’s bounce house which was a huge hit!IMG_6669

Get all that energy out, Amelia!IMG_6670 IMG_6652

Between water balloons, the water table, and bbq sauce everywhere, almost all the kids had to change into their back-up outfits. Bubble time!


Putting on their cutest faces in exchange for a piece of cake. IMG_6690 IMG_6696

Everyone cracked up at Samantha and Amelia’s expressions once they received cake– they looked awe struck. Is this ok, mom? Can this really be happening? 


Samantha didn’t even know where to start!


Amelia savored every bite!


Back to Samantha.


Parker asked me to take several pictures of himself with the girls and then “text them to him.”


These kids! We were hopeful Samantha and Amelia would make it late enough to see some fireworks, but just like the past two years, they snoozed through the whole thing!IMG_6711

Snoozing through the fireworks at the Marriott, San Diego in 2013:


Even though many other of the kids also conked out before fireworks, we adults stuck around to pump up the 90s playlist Amy had going, monitors in hand. Our attempts at cleaning up the food somehow erupted into an impromptu nerf gun fight, boys vs. girls with the adults and the kids who were still awake. That’s how we moms and dads party around here!

Maybe next year the girls will stay up late enough to join in!

Lots of love,


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  1. Heather says:

    Looks like fun the girls look so cute and grown up!