Tree frogs for sale

After hanging out at the sandbox with our neighborhood friends one day this week, we walked back to our house with Parker who somehow caught a frog in our yard!

Nice job, Parker!

Before either Phi or I could protest, Jake put the little frog in a mason jar for Parker to take home. Not meaning to shove a new pet onto them, we thought maybe they would let it go after a bit, but later that night, I got a text saying Parker and Michael had come to an agreement that they would be responsible for taking care of it. A frog habitat, temperature controller, and a bag of live crickets later, their new frog was there to stay. Parker was ecstatic… we are sorry, Phi!

Meet Diego the Tree Frog!  

Diego’s new luxury condo:


While Parker was carrying his new pet home, he ran into some of the neighbors who immediately came over to see if they could find frogs too. We usually have a bunch hiding in the fountain or in the palm trees, but we didn’t have any luck after Parker made his find. However, we are still getting inquiries from neighbors and friends who have heard about Parker’s new pet and want frogs. I’m thinking we’ll start selling them $10 a pop! S and A will be the new managers of our reptile business.

We’ve got a two for one deal on twins right now too. 

Lots of love,


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