The art of face painting

If there’s one thing that might rival my love of Amazon, it’s subscription boxes. I usually unsubscribe after trying new ones for a month or two, but there are a couple to which we keep resubscribing and really look forward to getting. 
One of our favorites is the Kiwi Crate box, which contains little arts and crafts centered around some kind of theme. It’s usually only enough to occupy one afternoon, but just the fact that everything comes directly to me and I don’t have to search around the house, the store or Pinterest for craft ideas is completely worth it in my book.
We received a Kiwi Crate today filled with paint, which was supposed to be stenciled on some wooden blocks. The girls had other ideas…

Mistake number one was running inside for some water. Mistake number two was leaving them with the paint. It was obviously too much of a temptation to NOT start painting each other.  

I was actually pretty impressed with the quality of Amelia’s artistry on her sister– future face painter? 

Amelia just looked like the Joker, compliments of Samantha. 

The girls were quite pleased with themselves and erupted into uncontrollable giggles when they saw my face. I’m sure it was exactly the kind of reaction they were going for. 

Very little paint ended up on the actual blocks, but if the point was to explore art, we succeeded.
Lots of love, 


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