S and A’s Craziest Late Night Shenanigan to Date

Cast of characters: Super Dad, Crazy Twin 1, Crazy Twin 2, Tired Mom
The scene: After reading ten-ish bedtime stories and acquiescing to dozens of requests for “Just ONE more drink,” a tall and handsome Super Dad sighs in relief as his two very hyperactive two-year-olds (Crazy Twin 1 and 2) finally seem to be sleeping in their beds.  Needing to complete a few manly projects around the house, Super Dad runs out to Home Depot for supplies.
Assuming Crazy Twins are peacefully sleeping in their beds, Tired Mom plops into bed at 8:30 and falls fast asleep. 
When Super Dad returns around 9 p.m., his heart skips a beat as he pulls into the driveway and sees the light on in the twins’ room. 
Stealthily climbing the stairs, he hears the faint noise of pitter patter across the floor and stifled giggles. He listens for a moment and, fearing the worst, breaks down the barricaded door. 
Being the amazing husband he is, he doesn’t wake up Tired Mom and simply lets the evidence speak for itself as she reviews her phone’s Photostream in the morning. 

Yes, that is floss. No idea how that even got there. 
So many more questions than answers. 

Every. Single. Item. Pulled. Out. 

I have no more words. 
Lots of love, 


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