Countdown to Summer 2015

Even though the girls aren’t in school yet and I’m no longer teaching, the excitement in the air right before school gets out is palpable! Things don’t really change much for us here during summer time, except for the fact that the pools, parks and beaches we usually frequent are about to get A LOT more crowded.  
We’ve been soaking up the fun and sun at our favorite parks and beaches before the summer vacationers and out-of-school kids start taking over, and one of the girls’ favorites is Salt Creek. There’s a grassy hill overlooking the ocean where families are usually flying kites, having picnics and letting the kids be crazy. Of course, we usually end up down the very long hill at the actual beach for a bit, too, where there’s usually not a lot of people in the off-season. 
Twice a year, our twins club does a fundraiser, and last month, thanks to fellow twin mom and photographer, Christina Kennedy, we took some fun Spring-y/Summer-y pictures at Salt Creek– in just ten minutes! 
We had a blast watching some of the other twins and triplets get their pictures taken and when it was the girls’ turn, they didn’t even seem to notice there was a camera pointed at them. They just ran around like normal, until we wrangled them for a five-second attempt at a family photo before letting them go again. A ten minute shoot is right up our alley. 
 Only 17 summers and approximately 1,360 summer days left before the girls graduate high school. We’re going to make these ones count! 
Silver and gold sisters. 

You wanted some candid shots, right? Here’s a great one of me pushing Amelia down!
Whitehead family, Spring 2015. 

Daddy’s girl, Samantha. 
I call Amelia my bright little star. She’s almost always so peppy and cheerful. 

The natives getting restless. 

I can’t even remember the last time Jake and I actually had a decent picture of ourselves taken sans twins, but this time I made it a priority!

Lots of love, 


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