Slices of life

Just a few slices of life from our week: 

We’ve been finding all sorts of creatures on our patio as of late and S and A are becoming quite the reptile connoisseurs. Squeamish these girls are not.

Side note: Bandit caught and killed his first bunny the other day. It was incredibly traumatizing and totally my fault because I was throwing a ball for him at the park and had him off the leash. A bunny darted out from a bush, and as per usual, he went after it, except this time he actually caught it.

By the time I realized what had happened, Bandit was sniffing the dead bunny, tail wagging and looking up at me like, “What happened? It doesn’t want to play anymore?” There was no blood or anything (it looked like Bandit’s first instinct was to grab it by the neck and fling it, which probably broke the poor creature’s neck) but I still had to stop myself from getting too upset since the girls were right there playing in the sand, completely oblivious. I’m sorry, bunny!

 It feels like summer already with the days getting longer– bring it on! We usually eat dinner around 5 or 5:30 and then head out for a walk around the neighborhood, a trip with Bandit to the dog park or a short romp at the playground. S and A have been awesome about going to sleep in their toddler beds after our evenings out (knock on wood). Jake does most of the bedtime routine while I pop in to read a book or two and then kiss them goodnight.

Swinging Samantha. 
Samantha’s current favorite game is peekaboo/hide and seek. She scares me half to death sometimes when she suddenly disappears. Have to keep my eye on that one!

S on the left and A on the right. We’ve figured out that Samantha’s name for Amelia is “Ba.” And she actually responds to it. We figure Samantha’s probably been calling her that for the past year and we just never realized it! Both Samantha and Amelia call S “Sammy” and while we’ve tried various nicknames on Amelia (Mia, Millie), none of them ever stuck. Other kids their age can pronounce Amelia just fine, but it’s a hard one for the girls. For now, we’re still calling Amelia by her full name and letting Samantha call her Ba. 

 Nature lovers! On weekend mornings or in the afternoons when Jake gets home, the girls love to go on little nature walks out in the back of our house. 

Down in the canyon in the back, someone put in a tire swing on one of the oak trees. Samantha is pretty indifferent to it, but Amelia can swing all day on that thing.

Samantha likes to observe from trees. 

After naps if we don’t have anywhere to go in the afternoons, the girls will typically ask to get out their art supplies. Anything involving stamps, chalk, markers, or paint is pretty popular around here. The girls’ signature creations involve Mommy, Daddy, and Bandit. 

Oh the messes. Samantha demonstrates her classic smirk while cleaning up her shredded coconut dump. 

S and A are still arabesque-ing up a storm at dance class and still have their weekly MyGym class as well. Our music class ended, but having three classes over the winter was a bit too much, so we didn’t renew, (I’ll revisit the idea for the summer session). I am looking forward to having Tuesday mornings free to do whatever and not have to feel stressed getting the girls on the potty and out the door at an exact time.

I’ll lend you a hand!

The girls have been in to “reading” books independently lately. Their favorites are every single one of their animal books, Pinkalicious, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Hands Can and Don’t Push the Button. If I walk in on them reading in their room, they look at me like I’ve intruded on their privacy and shoo me away.

It’s nice to have a sister who can help you adjust your fairy wings when needed. 

Lots of love,


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