Jurassic Park

When Phi and Parker invited us to a local kids dinosaur exhibit, I wasn’t sure how the girls would react. They like playing with all the boys’ toy dinosaurs at the park, but would they run away from 15-foot-tall animatronic reptiles with sharp teeth? Only one way to find out. 
T-Rex? Shmee-Rex. We ain’t scared. 
The dino exhibit was really dark and LOUD from the sounds of the robot dinosaurs (even I was a little creeped out), but S and A found the whole thing quite fascinating. 
Parker was a fantastic tour guide. 
He even found some shark teeth for the girls, which they thought were pretty cool. 
Next to the dinosaurs was a huge inflatable playland. It’s already well-established that these girls are not afraid of heights. 
First time mini-golfing.

Before leaving, Parker tried out the moving dinosaur ride– it’s pretty tall (you have to climb a flight of stairs to get to it). After watching Parker, the girls scurried over, so we gave it a shot, with me fully prepared to pull screaming toddlers away from the dinosaur mid-ride. 
Samantha was completely unimpressed. 

Amelia giggled a little. It floors me they had no qualms whatsoever riding ten feet in the air on a very non-cute, mean-looking T-Rex. A far cry from the adorable ponies and non-threatening animal rides they’ve been on in the past. 

           First time riding on a dinosaur: Age 1.9 years old. 



The girls were super grateful for Phi and Parker for taking them on their first encounter with dinosaurs. I have a feeling it won’t be our last.

Lots of love,


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