Fun when you’re a toddler

When you’re a toddler, fun means climbing fences at the park…
…Climbing into weird, futuristic bucket swivels. 
…And puppet shows you don’t fully comprehend but enjoy anyway. 
Fun means cookie decorating, crafting and playing with all the toys at your friend’s house. 
And finishing off said cookie decorating with an episode of Daniel Tiger. 
Fun means climbing and jumping off of cable boxes. 

Fun means sharing the teeter totter. 

Fun means eating junk food at your friend’s party that Mommy doesn’t let you eat. 
And finding the candy Mommy confiscated. 
Fun means randomly splashing paint on paper and watching Mommy and Daddy oooh and ahhh over your masterpiece…
And sliding down the bounce house slide with all the four-year-old boys. 
 And of course, fun means having having tummy stair races with your sister. 

When you’re a toddler, you find fun in the littlest of moments. 
Lots of love, 

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