Dr. Seuss 2nd Birthday Party: Part Three

Last party post, I promise! This one is basically all about the cake since it deserves its own post.
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Samantha and Amelia’s reactions to the party: Delicious tacos? Cool. Cat in the Hat and Elmo? Fun. Cake? WHY HAVEN’T WE BEEN EATING IT THIS ENTIRE TIME?!
Jennifer with Plumeria Cake Studio was a little late with the cake delivery, but I forgave her considering her cakes blew me away! I had sent her some ideas of what I was looking for and she made each cake ten times better than anything I had imagined. Even the darling cake stands she brought were perfect.
Seussical and whimsical– exactly what I wanted. The addition of the roses was her idea and added a super cute feminine touch. My favorite detail was the Thing 1 Thing 2 cake topper– I believe it was Samantha who eventually devoured it.
The writing of Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the girls’ names looked so Seussical too!


The week before the party, I was getting really nervous that we wouldn’t have enough cake (HA), so I threw in some cupcakes at the last second, which Marisa graciously helped me set up. We ended up having plenty for everyone.
I honestly didn’t want anyone to eat the cake. Cutting it just about killed me.
When no one was looking, my sister caught Kennedy on camera sampling one of the little fondant pearls off the cake! Who could blame her?
Samantha and Amelia weren’t alone. I think the cake was my favorite part of the day.
The moment the girls had been waiting for the entire time they were “suffering” through the rest of the party: Happy Birthday time!
Keeping the girls away from the cakes while we gathered everyone over and lit the candles was no easy task.
Calling in reinforcements– Grandma!
Let’s get this party started!
Amelia waited patiently while squirting yogurt all over her outfit.
A final wipe-down for Amelia.
Samantha wouldn’t budge from the cake with Amelia’s name on it, so we decided to roll with it and  let them blow out each other’s cakes.
Amelia gleefully tried to blow out the candles on Samantha’s cake. The kids in the front row all helped out.
It was fun having the characters there to sing with us! Happy birthday, Amelia!

Happy birthday, Samantha!

Jake: attorney by day; professional cake slicer on the side. I made Jake watch several YouTube tutorials beforehand so that we wouldn’t ruin the cakes. They are way easier to slice if you first cut a circle in the middle and then cut out the wedges– I learned something new!
Chaos at the cake table.
Most of the kids opted for either a cupcake or a slice of the mini cakes, which were vanilla with Seussical red and blue stripes on the inside.
I’m pretty sure the girls didn’t like the cake. AT ALL.
I think Samantha would agree that these were the best-tasting cakes ever! The vanilla was super moist and the two-tier cake was a super decadent chocolate-chocolate chip with chocolate mousse filling. Incredibly rich, moist and delectable.
Elmo who?
Can you grab us seconds, Grandma?


S and A felt so bad not being able to give Noah any cake. Maybe next year!

While everyone chowed down, we tried to get around to say hi to more friends, but sadly did not get pictures of everyone.
Perry and Elizabeth braved horrific traffic to attend the end of the party and we were over the moon to see our favorite infant twins– Romy and Sosie (and their parents, of course!) Getting out of the house and for a long car ride in the afternoon with 8-month old twins is no joke (BEEN THERE), and we were so grateful! It was a huge highlight to see those precious girls, compare notes and remember what life was like when S and A were that age.
Brian, Amber and little cuties, Violet and Luke, who were both hilarious interacting with Elmo.

The girls’ favorite playmates, Maliyah and Allie with Jodi and Jared.
Little Cash is only a few months older than the girls and is such a cutie! Rich and Aimee’s girls, Halle and Remy, were obsessed with the face painting.
Having fun with Sarah, Greg and sweet Sophie and Ashley, and of course, Michael, Phi and Parker.
That kid cracks me up.
It was hilarious watching Leighton interact with Elmo. We’re so glad he could come along with his brother, Liam, and our friends, Melissa and Dave.
The girls loved hanging with little Nate, Chris and Kim.
Ana has helped me out with housekeeping and babysitting the girls since they were just a few months old and is a total lifesaver. The girls just adore her and her daughters, Ashley and Amara, who were hiding during this picture.
Kudos to Crystal for braving the party solo without Brandon there to help wrangle the kids– not easy mingling, eating and watching all three kids! Thanks sweet Jayden, Kennedy and baby Quincy!
Can’t resist that little chubmiester!
Cake-induced oblivion.
Oh hi there!
Chowing down.
What to do after stuffing myself full of tacos and cake? Swing, of course!
Hmmmm…sister left to play on the swings with Aunt Sarah. I think I’ll just help myself…
Before making their exit, Cat in the Hat and Elmo gave the girls a little present and said goodbye. As cousin Allison said, the characters “Totally deserved a tip for not scaring our children!” Well, at least most of them.


Party favors! Bubbles for the babies and sand pails plus Dr. Seuss crayons, notebooks, tattoos, stickers and stamps for the big kids.
Fondant-smeared face and exhaustion.

Today was good; today was fun! Thank you, thank you, everyone!

Lots of love,


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  1. These posts… so incredible! What a phenomenal party! The cake is insane and the gave painting… that lady has got some mad skills!