2nd Annual Bunny Breakfast 2015

Samantha and Amelia had been talking about meeting the Easter Bunny all morning while we were headed to our Twins’ Club Bunny Breakfast, but when push came to shove, only Amelia was actually happy!
Samantha was NOT amused. 
Apparently, the talking bunny did not freak Amelia out: 


Even breakfast wouldn’t cheer Samantha up. 

When Samantha doesn’t even smile riding on a bunny around the carousel, you know she’s not having a good day. 

Samantha is on the right– and actually enjoyed herself a tiny bit!

Samantha was in the zone working on her craft. 
Forget breakfast, the Easter Bunny and the carousel– what the girls really wanted to do was ride the escalator. Again. And again. 
South Coast was closed for our club, so fortunately, the girls could run around without annoying too many people. The other parents of multiples were in the same boat and didn’t bat an eye. 
Amelia’s favorite thing was to wiggle out of my grasp and run down the hallways so she could put her grubby fingers on the glass of the store windows. I don’t know how I managed to raise avid window shoppers already, but they seriously spent a good thirty minutes going to each store and looking in, sometimes banging on the doors to enter, before we pulled them away.

Samantha had a meltdown after we told her she was not allowed to climb over the glass and jump. 
From tantrum to giggle fest in 2.5 seconds after she discovered the floor was perfect for sliding on her belly. SO GROSS. 
She does this because she knows it annoys me. 


Looking through the wishing well. 
The camera inside the well showed your own reflection, which the girls found fascinating. 
Samantha got upset AGAIN.
Refusing to let anyone pick her up. 
Meanwhile, Amelia had fun carrying around her craft bag, riding the carousel a few (dozen) more times and “feeding” all the cute bunnies. She was our happy little creature. 
Such a smiley one, that Amelia!
Despite having already eaten eggs and croissants for breakfast, Samantha’s mood improved dramatically after we gave her a bagel to munch on. She sat at a table by herself, totally content, while the rest of us walked around the “garden.” Now you know why she’s typically three pounds heavier than Amelia. 
She even came over to give sister a bite. 
At the very end of the breakfast, Samantha finally got into the Easter spirit and attempted to enjoy herself– bagel in hand, of course. 

Next time, we will give her a bagel right off the bat.

Lots of love,


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