Under Construction

We’ve been living off the land for the past few weeks while our beast of a project (a.k.a. flooring) is being completed. Originally, we had planned on putting in new floor to the stairs, upstairs bathrooms and master bedroom at the same time as the family room, but nixed that idea pretty quickly once I remembered that I HATE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS. 
To their credit, the girls have done amazingly well throughout the chaos.  I was originally really worried about nap time, asking the guys to take their lunch break when the girls were going down for naps, but S and A actually ended up taking solid three-hour naps throughout all the sawing, drilling, and hammering. Instead of white noise, I’m going to play construction noises from now on– the girls slept that soundly!
For now, the floors are finished in the main room upstairs and all the wires and trim just need to be put back in place, rendering it unsightly, but livable for now. Of course, Jake promised this would be completed within a few days, which has stretched into, “I think I can get everything finished by March.” 
The extra flooring for the rest of the upstairs is sitting in our garage, waiting patiently for the day when we muster up the willpower to throw our lives into upheaval once again. For now, I’m content with the fact that our house is now 90% carpet-free.

Due to all the chaos inside the house, we’ve been spending most of our time outdoors. The girls’ friend, Parker, has been especially generous letting them play with his toys at his house.

At the park for the girls’ friend, Gavin’s, first birthday party. 

Samantha waits patiently for Lily to finish painting a butterfly on her hand. Don’t let her expression fool you– she loved it!


I’m pushing you out of the way, sis!

All to myself!

Exploring the backcountry. 

Samantha discovers the meaning of “prickly.” 
I’m all about experiential learning. 

Reading the latest issue of Multiples of America Magazine.  

Queen Amelia. 


Mommy and sun babe Samantha. 

Classic Amelia lip-pursing. 

Chaos aside, there’s no place I’d rather be than spending these warm February days out in the sun with my besties.  
Lots of love,  

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