Potty adventures

This week, Samantha went a few full nights without going in her diaper and as soon as she woke up, sat on the potty and went! I never thought I would be so excited talking about bodily functions until I became a parent.

We haven’t done any “real” potty training with her, other than preparing her by reading some potty-related board books and watching the potty episode of Daniel Tiger/Elmo. She also gets a chocolate chip every time she goes in the potty, which is a huge motivating factor for her. “Treat! Treat!” she exclaims after a successful potty trip.

Samantha was showing signs of being ready (recognizing when she was going in her diaper, verbalizing it, and showing interest in using the potty), so we started showing her how to use it and she never looked back! While she’s pretty good at telling me when she has to go at home, she still hasn’t quite mastered the concept that other places have potties too and was pretty upset when she went in her diaper at gymnastics and music class this week.

Amelia, on the other hand, could care less about the potty, but sees us clapping/shouting hooray/singing the potty dance song whenever Samantha goes, and usually decides to follow suit. Also, she absolutely can’t stand when Samantha gets a chocolate chip and she doesn’t, so sometimes she will ask to sit on the potty after Samantha, just in case!

Samantha browses her Elmo potty training manual on her potty break: 

We’re nowhere near 100% trained, but I’m gleeful at the thought of deleting the diaper section of our Amazon Subscribe and Save (FOUR giant 124 packs of diapers a month)! It’s the little things in life.

Lots of love,


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