Now that winter is over…

Now that our two weeks of winter are over (back in December, it actually snowed– of course, we missed it while we were in Utah), S and A have been exploring the great outdoors. 
The hills are aliiiiiive with the sound of music…

Amelia loves to pick flowers and then point to her ears (that means she wants me to tuck flowers in her hair, apparently).

Amelia has been working on perfecting her scooter skills. She can scooter all the way to the park, while Samantha usually hops on, gets frustrated and throws the scooter down in tears. It’s funny how different the girls are with certain things!
Who needs scootering when you’re a champion slider?
Tickle fest!
Yipppeeee! Introducing the newest Olympic sport: the swing ‘n’ slide. 
Saturday night playdate at the park. 

Samantha hangs with the big kids– Owen, Parker, Leighton, and Lily. 

Having pizza delivered to the park: the awesome things you discover when you become a mom. 

Avery, Ashley, Amelia and Samantha chowing down. 

Happy kids, happy parents. 
Unprompted sister hand-holding melts my heart. I’m such a sucker for these two. 

Lots of love,


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