Toddler Christmas: That’s a wrap

Hey girls– just because we’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do. What do you think this is– a vacation? 
Upon our arrival in Utah, we had oodles of presents to wrap, most of which I had shipped from California to avoid having to pack them in the car. Grandma had put all the packages in one room, so when we entered and started going through the boxes, it was like a mini Christmas since I had forgotten about most of what I had ordered. 

Little did Samantha and Amelia know that they were wrapping some of their own gifts. Oh the joys of having toddlers with the memory spans of goldfish. 

Next year, I’m sure we won’t be so lucky. 

Holding the forbidden scissors (heavenly voices singing in the background while a golden ray of light shines down). 

Announcing Queen Samantha!
Da da da daaaaaaaa!

Dear Santa: My sister did it!
Hush, Samantha. I’m trying to concentrate on figuring out this tape thing. 
Oooooh sticky. 

Wrapped with love. 

And way too much tape. 

The girls took their wrapping very seriously and enjoyed it almost as much as opening up the wrapping paper a few days later. Almost. 

Much like last year, the boxes (not the gifts) were the most fun. Why do we even bother with toys? 

Amazon return ready to go. 
All that hard work called for some gingerbread cookies. 

You can’t stop me from eating this cookie. I’m at Grandma’s house. Full immunity. 
C is for cookie; and cookies are for ME!

There’s more where that came from at Grandma’s house.

Lots of love,


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