The Great Escape

As you may recall, Amelia figured out how to climb out of her crib back in August, but she never did it again to my knowledge until a few weeks ago. Now, during quiet time, Samantha and Amelia have both been climbing into each other’s cribs or climbing out of their cribs pretty consistently for the past few weeks. My last remaining method of containing the girls is now useless! 
Jake took Amelia to the doctor after she fell off of a chair and wasn’t putting any weight on her wrist. We were both convinced it was sprained or broken (it wasn’t…she acted completely fine at the doctor’s and he didn’t even charge us for the visit). Anyway, while he was there, Jake showed this video to our pediatrician, who has twin boys a little bit older than S and A. Apparently, this is not necessarily something all 20-month-old twins do as our pediatrician’s comments were along the lines of, “Oh! Ouch! Oh! She’s going to break her teeth! Watch out! Oh! Ahhhh!”

 Although we are used to people telling us we have our hands full, our ped said he really meant it!


I was hopeful that this trend wouldn’t continue into the night, but yesterday morning, we were hoping to sleep in, when Samantha barged into our room at 6:30 a.m., happily announcing she was ready to start her day.

Pretty impressive considering she climbed out of her crib and ran down the hall in her sleep sack.

Toddler beds, here we come.

Lots of love,


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