Merry Twinmas

Santa Torture 2014 continued at the annual Saddleback Mothers of Multiples Club Breakfast with Santa at South Coast Plaza. 
Santa Fail #4. Amelia’s face was so red from crying! Don’t worry girls; we have a savings account solely dedicated to paying for your future therapy from all the Santa visits this year. 

A few minutes later and Amelia had calmed down enough  to sit an inch closer to Santa without screaming. 

Eating breakfast with the other twins and comparing notes with the other parents is always fun. I find it encouraging to talk to parents of older twins or triplets– if they managed to do it, we can survive too!

Breakfast lasted all of about five minutes before S and A spotted the carousel, which had been overhauled with reindeer. The girls were obviously thrilled. Good thing the mall was closed for our club, meaning free, unlimited carousel rides. The girls thought Christmas had come early.

Watching all the twins go round and round made my head spin. There were over 80 sets (plus some triplets and quads), so everywhere you looked, it was like seeing double. Kinda freaky. 
When we tried to get off after our first ride, the girls looked at us like we we had gone insane, so we decided to go around again. And again. And again. For ten consecutive rides. 
Around ride nine, Samantha was getting pretty dizzy. Must…keep…going…
Amelia decided to be silly and pretend she was a daring reindeer cowgirl. 
Monkey see. Monkey do. 
The carousel attendant nearly had a heart attack and stopped the ride until the girls got back on properly. 
Boo. All my fun ruined. 
We managed to pry the girls away from the reindeer to make some ornaments. 
Comparing Amelia’s handiwork. 
Uh oh. The girls spotted the stores. 

No idea where they get it from. 


And so it begins.

Merry Twinmas!

Lots of love,


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