Holiday Baking

Baking with two toddlers definitely takes more time and causes a lot more stress, but the memories we made were worth it! At first, S and A were so excited to help make cookies and took their jobs very seriously. As the baking progressed, the girls got really silly (read: destructive); apparently, there’s a sweet spot when it comes toddler attention spans while cooking.

Samantha wins for best measurer/pourer. 
Amelia was a little bit more…shall we say…uncoordinated. 
How dare you call me that?! Upset it was sister’s turn to measure. 
At one point, Amelia had to go potty, so it was just Samantha and me in the kitchen. Just having S there was a zillion times easier. No fighting over the measuring cups or whose turn it was!

Mesmerized by mixing. 
After letting the dough firm up in the fridge for an hour, it was time to roll out the dough.

And cut out shapes.

Their favorite part. 

Unfortunately for the girls, it was their bedtime before the cookies were done cooking and had cooled. Even more unfortunate was the fact that Bandit somehow snatched the cooled cookies off the counter that night, so the girls didn’t even get to taste their creations. 
Good thing we had time for another baking session before our Christmas party and the girls had plenty of chances to eat their cookies then. 
Coal for Bandit this Christmas!
Lots of love, 

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