Twin Flower Girls: Fall 2015

Happy November! May I just say one of my top ten moments of this weekend involved being able to wear leggings and boots outside? It’s the little things. 
We had an exciting weekend, but before I recap Halloween (totally exceeded expectations), a friend’s 1st birthday party, and getting our family pictures taken (let’s just say it will be a complete miracle if there is one shot in which Samantha is NOT screaming), the most exciting announcement of all is that my little sister got engaged! We couldn’t be happier for Sarah and Mike. 
What could be even more exciting than a wedding? Flower girls. Twin flower girls. Twin flower girls times two, as S and A’s twin cousins, Eleri and Rhys, will also be in the wedding. I can’t even contain my excitement. In case you are counting, I have used variants of the word, “excitement” four times so far. 
Dress selections will clearly have to begin now. Fortunately, Eleri and Rhys’s mom also happens to be an amazing Hollywood costume designer/seamstress and is making my sister’s wedding dress. She will also either be making or helping put together the look for the flower girl dresses, so we’re in good hands.
Aunt Sarah is getting married? And I get to be in the wedding? 

 Hooray! Let the dress selection begin. 

 We decided to have the girls start practicing now for their role as flower girls. We need at least a year to get it right.
Our triplet friends, and another friend, Fran, coached the girls. 
Step right; step together. Step left; step together. 
Flower girls don’t run!

Oh man. This is harder than it looks. 
“Flower girl practice” quickly devolved into a WWF match.
You’re going dooooown!
We can do this at the wedding, right? 
Daintiest. Flower girls. Ever.

Round two. 
There IS no escape. 

 Just a little wedding preview. 

We have a lot of work to do. Hate to derail your wedding plans, Aunt Sarah, but we may need two years. Congratulations!
Lots of love, 

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