Best bath ever (and bonus sing-along)

As I was making dinner, I heard Jake yell frantically from upstairs, “Come up here and bring your phone! Hurry!” 
When I rushed into the bathroom, my immediate thought upon surveying the scene was, “CALL 911! THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” 
What I thought was a triage unit turned out to be Samantha and Amelia in the bath having the time of their lives. 
Two words: bath paint. 

I bought the girls some bath paint a while ago, but hadn’t used it yet. If I would have known it would get Samantha and Amelia to actually SIT DOWN in the bath tub, I would have given it to them ages ago.

It’s a good thing I found the bath paint in the dollar bin at Target– the girls used up both tubes in one sitting. Totally worth it. 
And as a bonus, the girls even did their rendition of their all-time favorite song, “The Wheels on the Bus,” for us on camera. My life is complete. 


Happy Friday!

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