Amelia: 20 Months

Amelia at 20 Months

You, my sweet girl, are always on the lookout to make sure everyone around you is happy. Sister is crying? You search the house for her wub and then kindly stick it in her mouth for her. Sister wants to play with a toy? Unless it’s something you really love (your shopping cart is the exception), you give it up with a smile.

Even your dollies are not forgotten. You cradle those babies in your arms with a blankie and never forget their paci and bottle.  You gently place one, two, or five dollies in your cart to go shopping and, unlike mommy, always let them pick out a treat on the way.

Carefree is the best way to describe you this month. When sister was having a hard time during music class, you sat there singing and clapping the whole time, wondering what all the fuss was about. Your gym teachers love you and often pick you as the example when learning a new skill. I can always rely on you to run around happily while I hold your sis when she’s cranky.

Easy-going also describes you as you are never so committed to something that you freak out when we have to transition to something else. You go with the flow and keep a smile on your face through it all– that goofy, toothy grin melts us every time!

That’s not to say you don’t become immersed in certain activities– books, puzzles, sensory bins, playing tea with dollies–you are often so absorbed in your little world you don’t even notice me whipping out the video. Whether feeding the fish during Spanish class, focusing on a puzzle, rolling balls out of play dough, when you are into something, you are all in.

Eating, oh, eating! It’s no wonder you are a good two pounds lighter than your sis– you eat like a little bird, often literally waiting for me to drop food in your mouth. You taunt us by expertly picking up broccoli with your fork, almost putting it into your mouth, and then putting it back with a sly grin.

You know how to push mommy’s buttons, and one of those is not eating your veggies. The carrots you used to love? A thing of the past. Anything green? Forget about it. You devour sweet potato like it’s candy, but that’s it. Mommy spent a lot of time in the kitchen “hiding” veggies into your omelets, muffins, smoothies, and creating baked concoctions out of anything from zucchini to kale (you like no-sugar zucchini muffins and kale chips!)

You are the best little helper I could ask for, from unloading the dishes (and smiling every time I tell you thank you for the bowl, thank you for the cup), throwing clothes in the washer, helping find yours and sister’s shoes, walking Bandit, and even wiping down the table.

Sometimes, for helping with the big stuff (like bringing groceries in the house), you become beside yourself with excitement when I give you a hand stamp….that is, until you get angry because YOU want to stamp your own hand and start grabbing it away from me.

Your independent spirit was off the charts this month. From picking out your own accessories to brushing your hair to attempting to put on your shoes– YOU can do anything. At least, that’s your attitude, which gets your uber-frustrated when  you can’t get something right.

That shoe won’t go on your little foot? Watch out for an Amelia meltdown, including chucking said shoes onto the floor in anger and throwing yourself into mommy’s arms in frustration. Your ideas are too big for your motor skills sometimes!

You are SMART, Amelia. You understand everything I say and often respond– with what, it’s hard to say– but I nod anyway. It’s never crossed your mind that anything you might say is completely unintelligible to others. “Blehslkjf” you state, completely matter-of-factly.

“Dog,” “moon,” “doll,” “thank you,” “go” and every animal sound under the sun are your faves. You saw daddy and I freak out when Samantha started speaking in three-word sentences, and you immediately followed suit, with the phrases, “I like dogs” and “I like that.” It’s not that you learned it from her– you knew it all along– you just didn’t know mommy and daddy would think that was so great!

You love your animal figurines, shopping cart, dolls, barn, puzzles and pulling around your wagon, but your favorite things of all are books. And any time is a great time for reading– especially when I’m busy vacuuming up the rice from the sensory bins you just threw everywhere. How can I say no to that sweet face holding up a book with an expression that says, “I know I’m cute and I’m confident you’ll stop everything to read with me”? Works every time.

Doesn’t matter that we’ve read the same, “Violet’s House” picture book for the umpteenth time that day– you treat it like it’s brand new and always impress me with your ability to point to every object I say on the page. That’s the one thing you don’t want sis to join in– she gets within ten feet of you and you let out a warning screech: “This is MY time with mommy! Find your own lap!”

During quiet time, I’ll often find you in your crib, “reading” to yourself out loud, quite impressive considering Samantha is usually bouncing around, dropping things into your crib in an attempt to distract you. And it’s not just books– the mail, flyers, cookbooks, my phone– you read it all out loud in the most serious narrating voice.

You act like you’re 100% a momma’s girl, but Daddy is your ultimate hero and the keeper of your little heart. We love you, Amelia!

Lots of love, 

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