Utes on the loose

Watch out! Utes on the loose!
Ready to barrel you down..right after a snack, that is. 

Amelia begged to stay up and watch the Utah/UCLA game on Saturday night. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for our chances and told her I’d let her know the score in the morning. 

She’ll never forgive me. What an exciting game!
Total revenge for the last time we were at the Rose Bowl, circa 2006. 

Here we go, Utes, here we go!

What exactly is a “yoot,” anyway? 

Tell me again about the time you and Dada went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl and watched the Utes smash Alabama. 

Man, wish I could have been there!
C’mon, Daddy! Stop checking scores…I’m too cute! Jake can’t wait to buy season tickets one day and fly to all the home games with the girls. Oh what fun they’ll have! I might decide to join them…or I might decide to stay home, drink smoothies and get a massage. We’ll see. 

I’m staring straight into your soul…

Made ya blink!

Catch me if you can. 

HA. I crack myself up. 

Thank you Aunt Sarah, for saving us thousands in photography costs over the past year and a half. And GO UTES.

Lots of love,


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