Soccer Tots

I recently discovered a program that teaches classes in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey for toddlers in Orange County as young as 18 months. FIELD HOCKEY! Can you picture the cuteness/entertainment?

I literally squealed with joy as I sent Jake a link to the webpage with the subject line: “WE ARE SO DOING THIS.”

The uniforms! The tiny toddler legs running haphazardly after tiny soccer balls! The team photos! The crazy parents re-living their high school glory days while screaming as if their kids were the star players on the varsity state championship team! I can’t handle the potential hilarity.

Unfortunately, most of the sports for S and A’s age group are on Sundays, so we’ll have to wait until they change up the schedule or until the girls get a bit older and can join the Saturday classes.

For now, some impromptu neighborhood soccer practices will have to suffice. 

Lots of love,


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