Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! And much like last year, we still have no idea why we’re in costume!

A more detailed Halloween recap to follow after the weekend, but here’s a snippet of what we’ve been up to this week (we’re really getting some mileage out of our Halloween outfits). 
 Samantha was acting just plain scary cute after music class yesterday. 
We celebrated yesterday by having a little toddler-sized Halloween soiree with Maliyah and baby Allie.
This morning, the little witches played some ghoulish games together at the park (which happened to be a total ghost-town…everyone’s gearing up for tonight, apparently). 

Today, we will be “trick-or-treating” at Pretend City’s Halloween celebration and then we will be blowing up the neighborhood with some Halloween cuteness as we attempt to show S and A the logic behind dressing up, walking around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, taking candy from strangers, and then not eating said candy. I’m sure it will rock their little toddler worlds. 
Our neighborhood usually turns into a giant block party on Halloween since there are so many families with kids, so we will likely sit outside and chat with the neighbors and hand out Halloween candy while the girls are in bed. 
We’ve really grown up since last Halloween!
Can’t look at this picture from last Halloween (we had two costumes, one for actual Halloween and one for a party) without missing those chubby flapper babies!
Have a fun and safe Halloween!
Lots of love, 

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