Surviving the Heat Wave

Last week, we spent the majority of our time indoors due to the 100-degree temperatures that decided to linger around. Since there was NO WAY I was going to keep the girls cooped up at our house that long, we beat the heat by playing indoors at different places around town. 
Our Operation Survive Heat Wave destinations of choice:  
We started off the week by going to our first Story Time at the library: FAIL (more on that in another post). 
S and A attended their first music class: FAIL (more on that in another post). 
Gymnastics class is always a win. The price of their gym class includes “practice and play” sessions throughout the week where you can go during specified times and run around the gym. It’s like a souped-up park, but indoors. Perfect for getting energy out while beating the heat. 

We also met up with Lara and Jodi for a girls’ day at Pretend City. While there, my friends convinced me to fork over the money for a yearly membership since the daily entrance fee is quite pricey. Happy 18 month birthday present, girls!

See here, sis? That says “green beans.” It therefore belongs in the oven. 

I pity all the volunteers who work at the museum–they are constantly putting back toys, cleaning up wood chips kids have thrown (S and A would never consider doing that…) and sanitizing.  Then again, I consider part of the admission fee to include me not having to clean up anything.   So I guess I don’t feel bad after all. 
Queen of the Orange Truck. 

That’s one way to get in the car. 

Best thing about having a twin reason #251: There’s always someone to push you around in your toy car.

Baby Ivy trying to convince Samantha to abort her attempted hijacking. 

A lawnmower is now on Samantha’s Christmas list. She pushed this thing up and down the bridge for a solid twenty minutes. 

In the zone. 

Nothing like summer grillin’.

Rock star!

We Play Loud was a new destination for us, but the girls apparently had a blast there with Jake. It’s basically a big indoor kid gym and it was fun seeing what the girls were up to via text updates while I was out shopping for Christmas toys at a kids’ consignment sale nearby.

S and A love pointing to airplanes in the sky and were ecstatic to climb around inside one. 

Thankfully, the weather cooled down toward the end of the week and we even had a torrential downpour. S and A had never really seen rain like this, so as soon as we heard the storm coming through, we ran outside and started dancing in it. After such a hot week and very little rain this year, it felt like a tropical rainstorm– amazing! Too bad it only lasted twenty minutes…bring on the mugginess.

Today was in the low 90s, but it feels like winter compared to last week! I’ll take anything below 100.
Lots of love, 


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