Aunt Sarah and Grandma drove in from Utah yesterday and, while the girls were at first surprised to find visitors in the house after their naps (and by “surprised,” I mean cranky), the S and A quickly warmed up (especially once Grandma busted out the new puzzle and books she brought with her). 

It’s been unbearably hot here this week, so we headed to Pretend City to get the girls’ energy out in an air-conditioned environment. Aunt Sarah is officially hired full time to sit wedged in the middle of S and A whenever we go somewhere in the car.

She kept the girls busy taking selfies. 

Samantha got pretty good with the camera. 

Too cool for school. 
Party bus!
I felt so spoiled since I’ve never had such a relaxing, nice car ride with S and A! Just keep us in mind, Aunt Sarah, if the whole linguistics thing doesn’t work out…
Lots of love, 


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