One Tough Chick

Poor Samantha is our little bruiser. She always has twice the amount of scrapes as Amelia for some reason!

Last week alone, she:

Fell off her trike and got a pretty nasty road rash scrape on the right side of her face. She didn’t even cry– just got back on. To make matters worse, after cleaning it, I put a bandaid over it, but within the hour, she had red hives all over her face where the bandaid was. It took a few days of hydrocortisone cream to get rid of the hives– the whole right side of her face was bright red and bumpy for most of the week. The doctor thinks she’s allergic to latex. Latex-free bandaids from now on, I guess!

 At least sunburns weren’t a problem. 

Fell down and scraped her knees approximately 1.4 billion times.
Fell off a patio chair and bonked her head.

Begged to swing on the big girl swings at the beach whilst holding a snack cup full of blueberries. A few minutes into swinging, she fell of the swing, flat on her face/tummy. The funniest part was, as soon as she fell, she immediately reached for the cup of blueberries that had fallen just in front of her. As soon as the blueberries were secured, she then burst into tears. Talk about focusing on your priorities. She would make an excellent football player!

Got stung by her first bee! We were at the pool swimming when, out of nowhere, Samantha started screaming like a banshee. We couldn’t tell if she was pointing to her hand or arm, but we didn’t see anything, so I just held her until she calmed down after a few minutes. She HATES it if she gets anything on her hands, like an errant hair or dirt, so I figured maybe she was upset about a leaf or something that had touched her.

Bee: A pretty flower floating in the pool! I think I’ll go check her out!

When we got home a few minutes later, we noticed part of her arm was red, and sure, enough, there was a little black stinger stuck in her arm. After removing it and applying a paste of baking soda and water, the swelling went down and the redness disappeared within the hour. At least it doesn’t look like she’s allergic. I have no idea why a bee would want to sting her other than she was wearing a brightly colored swim outfit and may have been mistaken for a flower? Poor Samantha!

That’s all in a week’s work for our future linebacker.

Lots of love,


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