Meeting Cousin Noah

Disclaimer: If you are reading this and don’t have a baby nearby you can pick up and squeeze, you may not want to read any further until locating one. Cuddliest little boy ever coming up ahead!
We first met Cousin Noah back in July when he was just a week old. His mommy, Allison, is my cousin, so I guess that makes him my first cousin once removed? And he’s the girls’ second cousin? We’ll just call him, “cousin…” 

Samantha and Amelia were fascinated by this tiny swaddled newborn. Amelia, especially, loves cuddling her dollies at home, so she was excited to see a real live one.

Eh. Unimpressed. 

Cousins! I love that Samantha and Amelia hardly look related to Noah, Allison and me with their fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes!
Last weekend, Allison and Zack came down for Baby Noah’s first weekend away at Grandma’s. They borrowed our twin bassinet/pack n play so that they wouldn’t have to haul as much stuff down from their house. I couldn’t believe how tiny Noah looked in that bassinet!
I could cuddle him all day– he feels 99% less heavy than Samantha and Amelia. Hard to believe they were this small once. Tear! Sigh! Memories! *Not pregnant!*

Lots of love,


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