Summer in a nutshell

My friend from high school, Sarah, recently sent me some photos she took of the girls back in June when she and her family were visiting from Utah. After texting her a HUGE thank you as I excitedly browsed all her photos (this post may seem like it contains a lot, but trust me, there’s more. I really had to hold back!), I made it a new goal to improve my own picture taking and editing. Sarah really made the ordinary things we do every day (park, beach) even more beautiful. 
In the mean time, I’m glad I have friends (like Sarah), and family (like my sister, Sarah), to rely on for quality photos of the girls. 
Samantha, fresh out of the splash pad. 

 Anyone who can get Samantha to smile for a photo is a true professional in my book. 


As per usual, Amelia refused to give us so much as a smirk. 

Will someone please call Baby Gap? 
Tell them it’s a package deal. 
Sarah even got some handsome photos of Bandit for his professional portfolio and Linked In profile. 

Finding joy in the simple things. 
Slices of life with Amelia.


Living life to the fullest is Samantha’s motto. 

What I wouldn’t give to know what’s going on behind those sparkly blue eyes.

The amount of ACTUAL SMILING PHOTOS in this post has got to be a blog record.

 Amelia loved giving the ball to baby Beckham (and then taking it away again).

Playing hide and seek. 

Too cool for Baby Gap. Maybe J. Crew?
Beach games with Amelia and Alec. 
Here, little seagull!
My favorite part of the day: morning walks. 
Forget the beach or zoo– all the kids wanted to do on their vacation was walk Bandit. 
Sarah is training Alec well in his photography skills and he was nice enough to take this photo for us. Ava kept telling him to hurry up and take it already.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. 
That’s every day of our summer in a nutshell!
Lots of love, 


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