Not just for the dogs

These days, whenever we go anywhere–walking, swimming, to the park, down the street– it always feels like a big parade of babies, people, Bandit, and STUFF. Seriously, it usually takes longer for me to pack everything and get out the door with everyone than the time spent at our actual destination.

Great Auntie Lynn was our special guest at the park this week and the girls had fun showing her the ropes. 

Go right!

Go left!

The girls usually only tolerate the swings for about five seconds before screaming to get out, but with Great Auntie Lynn pushing them, they miraculously stayed in happily for over ten minutes. I guess I don’t have the magic swinging touch. 

Earlier in the week, when Great Grandpa came over for a barbecue, we decided to go for a walk after dinner. None of this would have been possible without our beloved monkey and puppy leash backpacks! Hi, I’m Rebecca and I use leashes to walk my children.

At one point, Samantha was in front, walking Bandit on a real dog leash, Amelia was behind her, walking Samantha with her puppy backpack leash, and Great Grandpa was behind Amelia, walking her with her monkey leash! Inevitably, after a few seconds, one of the three (Bandit, Samantha or Amelia) would veer off, breaking the chain, so I never got a complete picture.

Make way, the Baby Parade is coming!
Great Grandpa “walking” Amelia. Or is it the other way around? 

Holding on for dear life.  

We made it about half way down the block before the girls decided they were done walking and wanted to be carried. Because they can do that. 

At my baby shower before the girls were born, people wrote new mom-to-be advice on little cards for me. One that I remember laughing at was from my cousin, Hannah, (then in college) who wrote, “DON’T USE CHILD LEASHES!” I probably would have agreed back then that child leashes looked pretty ridiculous, but now I couldn’t imagine walking two impulsive toddlers without their little harnesses.
For all those moms out there whom I used to make fun of for using leashes on their kids at Disneyland, I totally get it now!
Lots of love,  

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