Life Lessons from Pioneers and Snow Cones

Last Saturday, we enjoyed some good ol’ fashioned barbecue and fun at our Stake Pioneer Day Celebration. The girls learned some valuable lessons regarding what authentic pioneer life was all about. First up: roping cattle. 

The girls also learned about how the pioneers had to patiently persevere through hardships as they waited in line forever for hamburgers, homemade pies and snow cones.

Samantha and Amelia participated in many of the pioneer games, including a three-legged race with Jake. I’m absolutely distraught that I didn’t get any pictures of them–I would have paid money to see the three of them racing– but I was busy talking to some friends and totally missed it. Boo.

Anyway, back to the snow cones.

Jake and I had a huge argument over whether or not snow cones contain sugar (I’m still not sure why this was even an argument… hello, syrup?) I was mad at him for giving the girls an entire snow cone each so close to bedtime, and he kept claiming, inexplicably, that it was ok because snow cones don’t contain sugar.

I decided to let it go since there was no point in arguing with someone who’s claiming snow cones don’t have sugar. Denial? Some kind of suppressed memory from his childhood? Guilt over eating two snow cones? We may never know.

Look at those ruby red lips!

Samantha and Amelia clutched the snow cones with their little fingers so tightly that you would have thought they had just won the toddler equivalent of the lottery.

The girls walked all the way across the park without spilling one ice chip of their cones.

They sat down on their blanket to finally enjoy their ice cold syrupy goodness…

…And instantly ended up knocking the tops of the snow cones off into their laps. Cue meltdowns. Seriously, people were staring. 

At least they learned a few lessons from the examples set by the pioneers:
1. Trials are a part of life.
2. Pioneers loved snow cones.
3. Don’t stuff your face in a snow cone all at once.

Happy Pioneer Day!

Lots of love,


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  1. Haha! So cute. But sad. And yes, there is sugar in syrup, the movie "Elf" explains this.