American Cutie Pies: Part 2

The following constitutes Part Two of our 4th of July 2014.
So, after refusing to try their hot dogs (although the girls did chow down on their corn on the cob), Samantha and Amelia begged to parade around in their patriotic twin-mobile one last time. Actually, I just wanted to take pictures of them and begged them to go on a walk for a few minutes. 
 After all, it would only be a matter of minutes before the girls obliterated our handiwork on the wagon. 

The girls alerted Bandit that there was a bunny innocently nibbling the grass, and as soon as we unleashed him, to the delight of the girls, he was gone down the hill as fast as his short little doggie legs could carry him. 

Samantha giggled and giggled…

…While Amelia preoccupied herself with all of the strange red, white and blue decor messing up her wagon. 

Still watching Bandit. 

What IS this stuff? 

See my pretty necklace? 

 Let freedom riiiiing!

Samantha: “Here, kitty, kitty. Come and get it!” 

I’m busting outta here. 

Don’t wave the flag in my faaaaaaaaaace!

After reaching their breaking point in the wagon, we walked down the hill and let the girls out so they could run around. 

Taking advantage of their newfound freedom. 

 We decided to forgo the patriotic flip flop the girls had worn earlier that day so that they wouldn’t be tripping constantly (although, watching the girls walk in them was admittedly pretty funny.)

 Retrieving the little rebels after they ventured too far. 

Clearly not feeling the Independence Day spirit.  

Oh say can you seeee!

By the dawn’s early liiiiiiiight!

Proud to be an American. 

Where I’m free to wear any headband I want (as long as mommy approves).



Classic mischievous Sammy. 

 Here, doggie doggie. 

Where are you, Bandit? 
Meltdown imminent. Time to go.
Since they refused their afternoon nap, the girls were absolutely exhausted by the time 6 p.m. rolled around and fell asleep within seconds after putting them down at 6:20. That’s got to be some kind of record for them!
After it got dark, we plucked the sleeping twins from their cribs and gently snuggled them into their carseats, without so much as a peep. We drove to an overlook at the top of Ladera where we met up with the Wrights, ate some berry trifle (yum) and watched the Ladera fireworks, as well as several other shows from around the area. 
Just like last year, Samantha and Amelia slept through the entire thing! We left them in the car with the windows cracked while we sat in front of the car to watch the shows and chat; even with the windows open, the girls didn’t wake up. Funny how they can sleep through an entire fireworks show/people talking/kids shouting, but if I so much as tip-toe by their room when they are napping, they immediately get up. 
The girls’ friend, Maliyah, however, was wide awake for the whole thing and listening to her shout, “Kaboom!” after each firework was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. 
Next time she saw the girls, Maliyah really rubbed it in that Samantha and Amelia had missed the show. They vowed to never let them happen again.
4th of July 2013: the girls slept through the fireworks, just like this year. Side note: Remember when they used to sleep in Sleep Sacks?

4th of July 2015 will be the year the girls stay awake for fireworks– I can feel it!
Lots of love, 

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