First Birthday Photos

The blog will be on hiatus for the rest of the week so that I can focus on getting everything done for the girls’ first birthday party this weekend! I’m so excited, yet so exhausted…so much to do, so little time. Until I’m back next week with some (hopefully) fun pictures from the party, here are the girls’ first birthday photos to fulfill everyone’s cuteness quotient for the week. You’re welcome.
Thanks to Aunt Sarah for taking some of the pictures/trekking down a hillside/hauling props and balloons! I took some of the pictures as well since Samantha wasn’t cooperating the first day and I had to go back to take the rest later in the week when Sarah had already left back to Utah.
We survived!
Proud mom and dad.
Ahhhh, Pinterest. Thank you for your endless supply of baby photo ideas!
Amelia was in a giggly mood for Aunt Sarah.
Oh and did I mention silly?
I love the coloring in this one.
Samantha was hamming it up the second time I went back to take photos.



Look at those leg rolls!


While Amelia was in a pretty good mood during photo attempt number one, during the second shoot, she decided she was angry with the world.



She got better toward the end.


But of course, Samantha could NEVER be happy at the same time as Amelia for pictures. It’s either one or the other!


I’m one!


I used this one for their birthday invites.
And my favorite of them all (LOVE Samantha’s pursed lips…classic!)
I will be back next week to recap the girls’ big party!
Lots of love,

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