Twinfant Tuesday: I love having twins

*Before anyone has a heart attack (I did when I first saw it!), this was photoshopped by my sister. There were, in fact, two adults, holding them in the tree when this photo was taken.

I love having twins, but having two babies the same age is not something I love all the time. Twin mom Andrea Makunje explained my mixed feelings perfectly in her article:

Her writing made me laugh out loud. A few excerpts: 

“After all, twins (imagine sparkly gems and rainbows adorning the word… TWINS, *pow pow!* in all its magical, sparkly glory) are such a blessing. Such an amazing miracle. Such a gift. If only I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, “Twins? I always wanted twins!” Of course you did…”

“…Twins are a miracle and (especially identical twins like mine) a crazy cool medical mystery. Twins equal mystical sibling relationships and secret languages and twice the hugs and double the love and so much laughter you just wouldn’t believe it…”

“I love having twins. I adore having twins. I wouldn’t trade being a twin parent for anything in the world. Having twins is just… man, it’s just the best thing ever. But you know what is not the best thing ever?”
Her hilarious description of a typical fight between her twins and why normal parenting strategies don’t always work with twins made me laugh out loud. Read the rest of her article here.
Samantha and Amelia aren’t two and a half yet, (this article made me a bit terrified imagining them at that age), but I can definitely relate to the dichotomous relationship between absolutely loving having twins (in all their “magical, sparkly glory”) while simultaneously banging my head on the kitchen counter, lamenting having two babies the same age who are coincidentally, both flicking food from their spoons at each other in their high chairs. 
Speaking of taking the words right out of my mouth, Dickens often comes to mind throughout my day: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” 
Lots of love, 

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