Happy Valentine’s Day!

I never got around to taking any Valentine’s pictures this week because we’ve been busy enjoying the hot 80 degree weather and playing outside!
Hey there!
We’d like to see you try and make us wear our sun hats. BWAHAHAHA. 
Baby Linden was also at the park this week and totally recognized the girls from when she met them on Monday. For some reason, my phone had some kind of filter on it while I was taking pictures. 
Wednesday was particularly warm, so instead of trekking to the big park, I walked the girls and Bandit up the street to the baseball diamond, which has a large field and lots of trees. Thanks to our successful outing with Marisa at the park the other day, I was feeling pretty over-confident and thought I’d let both monkeys out at the same time. What’s the worst that could happen? 
I had an intense work out running to grab Twin A, setting her down by the stroller, running back and grabbing Twin B, setting her by the stroller, by which time Twin A had already crawled back to where I had first picked her up, miles away. Both girls thought it was hilarious seeing me sweat and literally giggled gleefully as they dashed across the field, looking back to make sure I was chasing them. It seriously felt like I was doing P90X sprints and lunges with 25-pound weights. I’ve seen ads for those baby/mommy workout classes where you jog with your baby in the stroller with other moms…I think baby chasing/lifting needs to be added to the routine. It will become the latest work out craze for sure!

Finally, the girls got distracted by Bandit’s leash enough to stay in one place. 

Bandit, in the mean time, had seen me chasing the girls and thought he would join in the game by  running around the field like a doggie lunatic. 

As a special 11 month birthday treat, we went out to dinner with Jake’s brother-in-law, Kip, and his three sons who were here all the way from Mattawa, WA attending some kind of farming convention. Even though the girls stayed up almost 45 minutes past their bed time, they amazed me by being little angels at the restaurant and only had a minor pre-bed time melt down when we got home. Way to make a good impression, girls!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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