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Some new things have been happening around Casa Whitehead lately. We finally got our Christmas lights up (the last ones on our block to do so…but hey, at least they’re up) this past weekend. The girls love looking at all the lights once it gets dark, but weren’t very enthused about watching Daddy put them up. I don’t like 50 degree weather, either, girlies.

Such pouters!

I’ve probably lost about 10 pounds this week chasing after these two. Every day the girls seem to speed up their crawling a notch…I’d estimate it around mach speed right now. I think they collaborate when I’m not listening to make sure they are going in opposite directions so that I’ll only be able to chase after one of them. 
Their favorite spots are usually the ones that are the “forbidden” rooms. The mystery and intrigue of what’s behind the closed doors is just too irresistible, so if I happen to forget to close the office, guest bathroom, or laundry room doors, the girls are there in a flash! I can’t count how many times this week I’ve pulled one twin out of the office, and set her down across the room, while the other twin proceeds to cross the threshold of the office. Then, I’ll grab that twin, set her across the room; meanwhile, the first twin has had just enough time to crawl back to the office. Repeat twenty times.  

I desperately need a gate to close off the kitchen or locks on the appliances because the girls both love pulling on the dishwasher and oven. I’ve forgotten to put Bandit’s food and water bowls away a few times and have rushed over just in the nick of time before a tiny fist grabs a handful of dog food. 
Other hazards I need to baby proof include the fireplace doors and the shoe basket. Right now, I have two exersaucers barricading them, but this is annoying because it blocks the entrance to the garage and front door if I need to get through. #firstworldproblems
Samantha and Amelia love taunting Bandit from the top of the stairs. 

They’ll giggle at him and stick their hands through the gate, trying to pet him. 

The view from Bandit’s perspective. 

“How does it feel to be on the other side? BWAHAHAHA.” -Bandit and the girls to me. 

 Now that the girls have graduated to advanced crawling, I’ve started making little obstacle courses in the hallway to slow them down a bit. Amelia outsmarted me and decided to pass Samantha on the side of the tunnel instead of waiting for her to go through it. Well done, Amelia. Well done.

Samantha started saying “Dada” a few times while we were in Utah, but last week, she babbled it all day long. When Daddy got home from work, she would get a huge grin on her face and say “Dada” with her arms up, waiting to be picked up. Jake was so happy since it’s been a long wait for him…the girls have been saying “mama” for months, although they don’t say it too often anymore.

Amelia has yet to say “Dada,” but after watching Jake click his tongue at her this weekend, she figured this must be some sort of attempt at communication and copied him. I’ll click three times; then, she’ll click three times. She’s always extremely proud of herself for figuring this out and starts laughing at her own genius. 
Oh, the little things!
Lots of love, 

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