Merry Belated Christmas!

We are still cleaning up the aftermath of the twins’ first Christmas, which means I still haven’t sorted through any of the 8,492 pictures we took. In the mean time, I’ve waited to post these pictures of the twins we had taken back in October until Christmas, so here they are. You’re welcome. 
We didn’t really get any big smiles out of the girls…mostly because they were mesmerized by everything in the photographer’s house. The fact that the back drop was on a table, right about the time the girls were first learning to crawl, didn’t help either. Jake and I had to be stationed on either side of the table to catch them whenever they tried to dive off. 

Samantha’s close up. 

Amelia’s turn. 

Had to record their baby butts for posterity. 
The obligatory stealing headband shot. 

    Photos by Rona Hawkins photography.

Lots of love,


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