More Halloween-ish Photos

In the days leading up to Halloween, I had the girls wear their Halloween outfits pretty much every day in order to get the most use out of them!
Amelia at the park.


The girls enjoying “fall” in SoCal.


Trying out their Thing 1 Thing 2 outfits.


Samantha always gets jealous when Amelia has Sophie the giraffe.


Neener neener!


Recently when the girls wake up from their naps, I sometimes find them sitting up in the corner of their cribs, just chilling. Amelia likes to pull herself up on the rail and peek over the edge of the crib too…we are going to have to lower the mattress very soon. Sometimes, Samantha sleep-crawls to the end of her crib and sits up in her sleep. When I’ve gone in to check on her after hearing her cry, I’ll find her sitting up, Wubbanub still in mouth, but still pretty much asleep! I am infamous for sleep-walking, so she must take after me!


Samantha tries on my Cindy Lou Who wig for Aunt Sarah.
Cruisin’ the neighborhood in style.


While Grandma was here last week, we took some photos of the girls in their costumes. I’m so glad we did, because actual Halloween was so hectic that I hardly got any good pictures.


On the slide!


Serious Amelia.


Samantha wanted to hug her sister for one of the poses.


This is fun!


Faces of stone! It was impossible to get these two to smile after we took them off the slide.
Amelia was such a grumpy hold-out!


Blue eyes.


Even Grandma and Great Auntie Lynn’s crazy antics weren’t enough to get the girls to cheer up.
Twin things at the park.
All this picture taking has made me tired!


We thought maybe the twins would fare better inside for pictures.


Daddy came home, which helped Amelia crack a smile.
Samantha was still not too sure.


We wanted to be princesses for Halloween! YOU NEVER LET US CHOOSE OUR OUTFITS!


We can choose next year? Ok cool.


Not only will we get to choose our costumes next year, we’ll get to go trick-or-treating with the big kids!


I can’t handle the excitement!
Lots of love,



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