Samantha has a tooth!

We discovered yesterday that Samantha finally has her first tooth! Before she got too excited about catching up to Amelia, we told her that Amelia now has two teeth–both of her lower central incisors–and is still ahead! Samantha has vowed to surpass her sister in teeth supremacy somehow.

I AM QUEEN Samantha and I looketh down upon my subjects!


I’m a toothy girl, just like my sis!


In addition to cutting her first tooth, Samantha decided it would be exciting to fall off our bed. Last night, Jake was changing Amelia’s diaper and getting her ready for bed as Samantha played next to them. I was washing bottles in the laundry room, when I heard a THUD and then WAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I ran in to see poor Samantha crying on the floor and a horrified Jake swooping down to grab her. Quelling the urge to murder Jake right then and there, I frantically ran over to Samantha and was probably more hysterical than she was. In all the commotion, Amelia started bawling as well. The upside was that Samantha had crawled backwards off the bed and landed on her butt instead of going down head first, although that didn’t make it any less scary as we have an extra tall bed. Samantha stopped crying in about 30 seconds and was fine after that, although I don’t know if Jake and I were. No more playing on the bed for Samantha!

On a totally unrelated note, my new double stroller finally arrived off Amazon! Pushing one twin in the single stroller, carrying one in the Ergo, holding on to the leash with one hand, and carrying toys/a blanket for the park in the other was getting really old after selling my other double stroller. The snap n go served us well, but this one is a side-by-side instead of a tandem and I think the girls like it a lot better because no one has to be squished in the back, staring at the other twin’s backside. This little ditty is super easy to fold up and maneuver…I got it primarily for taking quick walks around the neighborhood and running errands. It also fits through standard doors, which is a huge plus since a lot of the bigger jogging double strollers don’t. I still have my eye on a double jogging stroller, but will have to save up for it since it’s not cheap.

So far, the girls have enjoyed holding hands in their stroller, stealing one another’s Wubbanunbs and watching Bandit on our rides. We’ve even been on an errand with Grandma and the girls…navigating the aisles of Hobby Lobby was easy with the new stroller! I also ordered this portable stroller sunshade, which works quite nicely too since the shades that came with the stroller are pretty much useless.

Cruising around the neighborhood.

Lots of love,


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  1. Yay for a new stroller!! I love that sunshade. I need to get one of those for Maliyah's stroller.