Happy 7 Month Birthday!

Today is Samantha and Amelia’s 7 month birthday…I feel like I was just getting over them turning 6 months and then BAM! Another crazy month flew by. The girls are still sick, although Samantha seems on the upswing (I said that last week too, so who knows). I thought Amelia might dodge it altogether, but she ended up coming down with what Samantha has earlier this week and seems about 4-5 days behind Samantha.

To recap our week, it’s been lots of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, crankiness, crying while administering medicine, crying while clearing the snot out of noses with the dreaded bulb syringe, night waking and general not fun-ness over here. Even Jake is sick. I’m the sole survivor who seems to have avoided the plague; I guess it’s those years of teaching and being exposed to every germ known to man that have made me immune to all sorts of diseases. Needless to say, with two out of two babies not feeling well and one out of two adults out of commission, it hasn’t been our favorite few weeks.

One of our rare non-miserable moments this week. The twins are always excited when Daddy comes home!

Lots of love,


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  1. Sorry they have been sick. Hopefully they will feel better soon. We need to get together for a play date.