Utah Photo Shoot Fail

Yesterday, the girls’ favorite photographer, Aunt Sarah, took some photos of Samantha and Amelia out in my parents’ yard. Samantha soaked up all the attention and was her usual adorable self, but every time we tried to put Amelia down on the blanket for a picture, she instantly turned as red as her Ute dress and screamed bloody murder.

Commencing meltdown in three…


I picked her up and tried again multiple times…
In different locations…

But it was the same result every time!

If at first you don’t succeed…


My sister-in-law, Polly, suggested that perhaps Amelia is a closet BYU fan and was simply protesting for a wardrobe change. I sure hope that’s not the case!

In the midst of Amelia’s meltdowns, we managed to get some adorable ones of Samantha. 

So c-UTE!

Samantha clearly enjoyed being the star of the show. 

I’m ready for my close-up!

Samantha and Grandpa. 

My favorite of Samantha: 
Wait, maybe this one’s my favorite!
No, this one!

Thanks, Aunt Sarah, for lugging the blankets, boppies, and twins around the yard and being patient/not running away as we attempted to get a smile out of Amelia. Fortunately, we still have the weekend to try again…
Lots of love, 

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  1. Becca, the girls are SO adorable! I wish time would allow for a visit to Nibley, but I know time with family is precious. We love our little Bethany! She will be a year old next month; can't believe. Cam and Hannah are finally expecting, due in March. They are VERY happy and excited. Love you tons, kiddo! You have beautiful little girls!!!

    • Thanks Cynth! I wish we could have come up to see you guys this trip, but it was a pretty short one. We will be back maybe sometime in October and for sure in December and will be visiting Jake's family in Idaho, so we will definitely make a stop to let you see the girls on our way up! I bet you are loving being a grandma to little Bethany and congrats to Cam and Hannah! I'm so excited for them and I'm sure you are thrilled! March is the best month to have babies! Love to all and say hi to everyone for me!